The Captains

No better Captains to take you on the best Charter Fishing experience.

Captain Chris Busalacchi
U.S.C.G. Licensed

Capt. Chris has extensive salmon and trout experience on Lake Michigan and its tributaries in Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.With over 15 years experience, Capt. Chris will ensure that you have the best opportunity to be on fish. He also has many top tournament finishes as part of the “Prove It” tournament team. Capt. Chris is also an accomplished seminar speaker, has written and been featured in numerous articles.

Captain Tom Busalacchi
U.S.C.G. Licensed

Capt. Tom is the teacher and the mentor. He boast over 30 years of Lake Michigan salmon and trout experience, showing me the ropes while growing up. With countless hours and days spent on the water, Capt. Tom will put his knowledge and experience to work to keep you on fish.

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